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Another Beginning

Born on the south side of Chicago, Gif has always been a participant in many artistic fields, including art and poetry. His family background in music sparked an interest in hip hop, soul, blues, and R&B.


His parents exposed him to many genres of music growing up, which directly influenced his style of artistry at the mere age of 6. his poems got him published in a children's poetry book in
kindergarten, which evolved into constructing his class in the field of hip-hop music.


At 13, he started making beats with one of his childhood friends, eventually forming a hip-hop duo. As he became more experienced with music production and recording, he began teaching himself how to play multiple instruments as some of his idols, "J-Dilla" and "Prince," do in their show. Playing alongside gospel and rock artists allowed him to hone


His skills to the point other artists inquired about his production over his writing abilities,

After negotiating contracts to be signed back in 2007-2008, gif began to form more close alliances with his childhood friends interested in pursuing music as a career.


His production team became a rap collective called the "Animaniakz," with one official mixtape release.

It was a year to remember as he and his partners grew from the basement and garage studio setups and moved to a more commercial studio space that provided recording, production, artist development, and mixing services. Collaborations at that time included his first significant label placement with Griselda's Boldy James and progressed into him winning numerous beat battles.

Competing locally and nationwide, including "team backpacks" world underground LA, Brotha Gif advanced his career in 2017 after winning more than 15 battles and placing in the top 3.


Becoming a complete artist gave him the ability to highlight attributes in other artists to propel them creatively. Landing him offers to teach the art of music production and sampling to aspiring youth at the oak park library and local high schools in the south suburbs.

Signing to Black Sheep Management, February 2022, began a new musical journey to elevate Brotha Gif's presence in the industry. 

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